Release: Koko Analytics v1.3.10

Yesterday we released version 1.3.10 of our free Koko Analytics plugin. This is a patch release, meaning we did not introduce any breaking changes or add any significant new features and it […]

Jun 21, 2024 by Danny van Kooten. , .

New feature: filter statistics by page

We just released version 1.3.4 of Koko Analytics (free) which includes a nifty new feature. Clicking any page in the bottom-left “top pages” section now filters on that specific page. With the […]

Nov 21, 2023 by Danny van Kooten. , .

Speeding up the Koko Analytics dashboard

This morning, we released version 1.3 of Koko Analytics. You may have noticed the dashboard loading a lot faster. In this post we will go into some of the technical details that […]

Oct 31, 2023 by Danny van Kooten. , .

Introducing Koko Analytics Pro

UPDATE Jan 25, 2024: We are closing down Koko Analytics Pro for new customers. Our founder and sole developer Danny is starting a new job working on end-to-end encryption of medical data. […]

Oct 18, 2023 by Danny van Kooten. , .

Koko Analytics Pro

We built Koko Analytics Pro to give you access to more advanced features, like custom event tracking and periodic email reports.

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